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MRS 2000 Mat

Sunday, August 30th, 2009

I just wanted to go over a few details on the MRS 2000 Mat, Pillow Pad and Probe (all pictured below with the control unit and SLRS light and sound system which is optional).


Whole Body Mat

  • Sophisticated triple saw tooth wave pattern (.5 -25 Hz) with millions of pulsating frequencies
  • Saturates your body with the Earth’s natural magnetic resonating stimulation
  • Chinese organ clock with north/south polarity
  • Automatic timer for 8, 16 and 24 minutes
  • Gently helps to bring the body into homeostasis
  • Mat sessions are typically 8 minutes 2-3 times a day or up to 1 hour total a day
  • Light weight, portable and comfortable (with optional travel bag)
  • Short learning curve for easy home use

Probe and Pillow Pad

  • Square wave profile targets inflammation
  • Assists in the repair of fractures, sprains, injuries and infections
  • probe application great for dental, eyesight, hearing, tinnitus, migraines, reflexology, meridians, prostate, liver, kidneys and any issue or problem that is localized.
  • Pillow Pad application is good for respiratory, digestive, lymphatic, circulatory, spine health, shoulders, hips, knees ankles, cervical and much more…

MRS 2000 mat

MRS 2000 Buy – How to Buy a MRS 2000

Thursday, August 27th, 2009

I am writing this post in response to many questions as to why you cannot purchase the MRS 2000 designo (magnetic resonance stimulation) online and why we do not advertise the price.

The main reason is that our company, Mediconsult Germany, is very professional and puts much attention to customer support and training.

Because of the investment in the MRS2000 and because there are two models to choose from and several accessories, we wish to insure that each person interesting in a buying a unit has all the information and help they need in order to purchase the unit and accessories best suited for them.

Therefore, we choose not to publish MRS 2000 cost and pricing online, and encourage direct contact either in person or over the phone.

And because a order form must be both filled out and signed, we cannot accept the orders online.

Please contact the person that referred you if you want to buy MRS 2000


Bryant Meyers


mrs 2000 buy

MRS 2000 Cost – Price

Friday, August 21st, 2009

MRS 2000 Cost – Basic Price List (free shipping in U.S. and Canada)

MRS 2000 Designo+ Home Set**……………CALL FOR PRICING
MRS 2000 Designo+ MED Set………………..CALL FOR PRICING
MRS 2000 SLRS Light and Sound System…CALL FOR PRICING
MRS 2000 Skin Dream………………………….CALL FOR PRICING
Option 1 Value Pack (Includes 2 MED Sets, Skin Dream System, SLRS + More – see below…CALL FOR PRICING
**Note: MRS 2000 Home Model comes with Control Unit, Full Body Mat, Small Kidney Shaped Pad. MRS 2000 MED Set has everything the Home Model Has PLUS the Probe and a higher Intensity Level. The Home unit CANNOT be upgraded to the probe which is why we recommend the MED Set.