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PEMF Therapy on Dr Oz

Friday, December 9th, 2011

Pulsed Electromagnetic Therapy

Pulsed Electromagnetic Therapy

Top 16 Reason iMRS (new MRS 2000) is the #1 PEMF

Friday, December 9th, 2011

iMRS 2000 with HRV Biofeedback

iMRS 2000 with HRV Biofeedback

1) It replicates the natural magnetic field of the earth making it one of the most effective and tolerable systems out there.

2) The only system with copper coil technology ( three pairs of coils) respects how we would naturally walk on the earth and is the same technology that is trademarked by NASA for their device used for human stem cell growth. It is the closest to nature in frequency and intensity of all systems out there.

3) It has a pure magnetic field through the current loops (not wire mash as other systems

4) It uses a weak pulsating fields in the frequency range .5 – 25 Hz same as the earth frequencies

5) It has a bio-rhythm clock built in to automatically use the appropriate frequencies for the time of the day – no other systems have that option

6) It changes polarity automatically (from North to South pole every 2 minutes)

7) It has the only picotesla setting critical for people with sensitivities

8 ) It has a 3-year warranty with the option to buy extended warranty

9) It is simple and easy to use

10) It has a powerful probe applicator

11) It can be used with uni-polar pacemakers

12) Option for a number of important and valuable accessories such as: iGUIDE ( data base of preset time and intensities for over 300 conditions), iMORE ( Heart Rate Monitoring and Regulation system), iSLRS (brain entrainment system)

13) Option to include a travel applicator

14) Option to use with a lithium battery

15) Standard: built in music player for iSLRS

16) The only PEMF system in the world that is completely upgradeable using SD-cards

New iMRS –

Wednesday, December 7th, 2011

iMRS2000 .com – The New MRS 2000

New Control Unit for the iMRS 2000

New Control Unit for the iMRS 2000

The new iMRS wellness system is a quantum leap and evolution in energy medicine, specifically pulsed electromagnetic field therapy (PEMF). It has all the strengths of the previous MRS 2000+ Designo system plus several new improvements. Perhaps the most exciting development is a new HRV biofeedback component that puts using the mat on autopilot.

New Look and Feel

The first obvious change is the look and feel of the control unit. It is now smaller, sleeker, digital, programmable, more intelligent and easier to use. Also the new full body mat is made of a more durable material, and is easier to fold and more portable. The new anodized steel probe is more durable and also now its 4 1/2 times stronger for pain relief and localized issues.

HRV Biofeedback

iMRS 2000 w/ HRV BIofeedback

iMRS 2000 w/ HRV BIofeedback

The new iMORE heart rate variability biofeedback component makes using the new iMRS wellness system easier then ever. The unit will automatically adjust the intensity based on what your body needs. You will also get a readout of the entire session so as to see the settings that were used.

Light and Sound – New iSLRS

The new light and sound system has three colors, green, red and blue, a new library of music selections and it is fully integrated with the frequencies in the mat. This makes the new iSLRS the world’s only light and sound system that is synchronized and linked to PEMF therapy!

New iGuide

The new iGuide is available on the Professional model and includes a database of 250+ conditions and over 3000 settings. It also has a 1-60 minute setting option.

The Best is Now Even Better

The new iMRS 2000 Wellness System still has the earth based frequencies, biorhythm clock and NASA squarewave and ALL the features of the older MRS 2000+ Designo models. But now it has a lot more with its new look, digital platform, programmability, better materials, stronger probe, new HRV biofeedback, new light and sound iSLRS, new iGUIDE for professionals, 1-60 minute setting option + more.

Check out our new site and download the free brochure

Pulsed Magnetic Therapy on Dr Oz

Wednesday, December 7th, 2011

Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy is a new approach to pain management that uses magnets to create pulsing, moving energy. These energy waves could change the way your body copes with pain. Learn more about this new treatment. Could it work for you?

Pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) therapy is FDA-approved to fuse bones and has been cleared in certain devices to reduce swelling and joint pain. Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) and Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) work on the same physics.

This therapy has been used to treat pain and edema in soft tissue for over 60 years. The technology stemmed from radio frequency (RF) diathermy, which utilized a continuous electromagnetic field to produce heat in soft tissue.

A moving – or resonating – magnetic field can create currents without heating and thus directly alter cellular signaling. It has been firmly established that tissues including blood, muscle, ligaments, bone and cartilage respond to biophysical input, including electrical and electromagnetic fields. New studies show that with the proper field intensity and frequency, treatment with PEMF appears to be disease-modifying. The stimulation of TGFβ may be a mechanism by which PEMF favorably affects cartilage homeostasis. Through calcium-calmodulin-dependent pathways, PEMF may also increase nitric oxide activity.

PEMF Mat Devices

On the show, world-class pain specialist Dr. James Dillard mentioned electromagnetic portable pads to Dr. Oz. These mats produce a therapeutic pulsed electromagnetic field that can surround the entire body. They are not FDA-approved and are not made in the USA. PEMF mats are primarily advertised and distributed over the Internet, often used without medical supervision. Retail price is $2000 to $3000, and often renting is possible for a weekly rate. There are a dozen different companies that make these devices. Three examples are the Mediconsult iMRS MRS2000, Medithera Home System, and Quantron Resonance System QRS-101.

PEMF Knee Device

Also on the show, family physician Dr. William Pawluk discussed the OrthoCor Active Knee System. This is an FDA-approved device that combines PEMF energy and thermal therapy to increase circulation and thus reduce swelling, relieve chronic pain and arthritis, as well as improve range of motion. The device’s technology consists of a cuff that surrounds the knee. It has a coil and heat pods that send magnetic pulses and heat through the injured tissue. Patients can walk while the OrthoCor device is in operation. OrthoCor sells its products through orthopedic clinics, physicians and health care practitioners.

PEMF Patch Devices

Dr. Pawluk also introduced a small, disposable PEMF device called Acti-Patch by Bioelectronics Corp. In Canada, ActiPatch is a Class II device and is sold over-the-counter. Health Canada has approved it for relief of musculoskeletal pain. It is not FDA-approved for musculoskeletal pain, so the efficacy of these patches is still unclear. It may have some benefit with superficial pain and edema.

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