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Top 16 Reason iMRS (new MRS 2000) is the #1 PEMF

Friday, December 9th, 2011

iMRS 2000 with HRV Biofeedback

iMRS 2000 with HRV Biofeedback

1) It replicates the natural magnetic field of the earth making it one of the most effective and tolerable systems out there.

2) The only system with copper coil technology ( three pairs of coils) respects how we would naturally walk on the earth and is the same technology that is trademarked by NASA for their device used for human stem cell growth. It is the closest to nature in frequency and intensity of all systems out there.

3) It has a pure magnetic field through the current loops (not wire mash as other systems

4) It uses a weak pulsating fields in the frequency range .5 – 25 Hz same as the earth frequencies

5) It has a bio-rhythm clock built in to automatically use the appropriate frequencies for the time of the day – no other systems have that option

6) It changes polarity automatically (from North to South pole every 2 minutes)

7) It has the only picotesla setting critical for people with sensitivities

8 ) It has a 3-year warranty with the option to buy extended warranty

9) It is simple and easy to use

10) It has a powerful probe applicator

11) It can be used with uni-polar pacemakers

12) Option for a number of important and valuable accessories such as: iGUIDE ( data base of preset time and intensities for over 300 conditions), iMORE ( Heart Rate Monitoring and Regulation system), iSLRS (brain entrainment system)

13) Option to include a travel applicator

14) Option to use with a lithium battery

15) Standard: built in music player for iSLRS

16) The only PEMF system in the world that is completely upgradeable using SD-cards

New iMRS –

Wednesday, December 7th, 2011

iMRS2000 .com – The New MRS 2000

New Control Unit for the iMRS 2000

New Control Unit for the iMRS 2000

The new iMRS wellness system is a quantum leap and evolution in energy medicine, specifically pulsed electromagnetic field therapy (PEMF). It has all the strengths of the previous MRS 2000+ Designo system plus several new improvements. Perhaps the most exciting development is a new HRV biofeedback component that puts using the mat on autopilot.

New Look and Feel

The first obvious change is the look and feel of the control unit. It is now smaller, sleeker, digital, programmable, more intelligent and easier to use. Also the new full body mat is made of a more durable material, and is easier to fold and more portable. The new anodized steel probe is more durable and also now its 4 1/2 times stronger for pain relief and localized issues.

HRV Biofeedback

iMRS 2000 w/ HRV BIofeedback

iMRS 2000 w/ HRV BIofeedback

The new iMORE heart rate variability biofeedback component makes using the new iMRS wellness system easier then ever. The unit will automatically adjust the intensity based on what your body needs. You will also get a readout of the entire session so as to see the settings that were used.

Light and Sound – New iSLRS

The new light and sound system has three colors, green, red and blue, a new library of music selections and it is fully integrated with the frequencies in the mat. This makes the new iSLRS the world’s only light and sound system that is synchronized and linked to PEMF therapy!

New iGuide

The new iGuide is available on the Professional model and includes a database of 250+ conditions and over 3000 settings. It also has a 1-60 minute setting option.

The Best is Now Even Better

The new iMRS 2000 Wellness System still has the earth based frequencies, biorhythm clock and NASA squarewave and ALL the features of the older MRS 2000+ Designo models. But now it has a lot more with its new look, digital platform, programmability, better materials, stronger probe, new HRV biofeedback, new light and sound iSLRS, new iGUIDE for professionals, 1-60 minute setting option + more.

Check out our new site and download the free brochure

iMRS Wellness System

Friday, December 31st, 2010

iMRS PEMF Review – A First Look

New Control Unit for the iMRS 2000

New Control Unit for the iMRS 2000

The iMRS PEMF System is the newest generation of the MRS 2000 series of home PEMF (pulsed electromagnetic field) therapy devices.

There are several new changes from the old MRS 2000 system. First, the new iMRS is totally digital and programmable with considerable more flexibility in adding options and upgrading. It uses SD card technology, which allows a lot of memory to be stored on a small chip. This new system is smaller, sleeker and digital whereas the old system is solid state and larger.

I had a chance to see the new iMRS system at a launch event in San Diego.

Upon looking at the iMRS wellness system, it is very small and elegant and the outer housing has a very nice skin-like feel. According to the CEO of the Company, Wolfgang Jaksch, the stingray fish inspires the design. Stingrays have very advanced sensory organs that actually detect electromagnetic fields. This is a very fitting design and very nice looking too.

The new display is now totally digital with a self-lit blue screen and very user friendly. It is very nice that you can plug the applicators into any outlet on the back and the system atomically detects which applicator is plugged in and displays a small picture of the applicator. There are also programming features that allow different members of a household to set their own customized program.

The applicators are also upgraded and higher quality. Using a cool metallic grey color, they are nicer looking too. The whole body mat additionally has perforations making the mat much easier to fold. And the probe applicator on the new iMRS has a 100% anodized steel shield making it incredibly durable. Also the new probe boasts a 400% increase in intensity on the highest level.

And all the units use solid durable copper wires that produce the purest and cleanest signals available on any unit on the market. This is a very important feature of the MRS2000 and the new iMRS versus other systems on the market.

NEW iMORE – Advanced Biofeedback System

iMRS 2000 w/ HRV BIofeedback

iMRS 2000 w/ HRV BIofeedback

One of the biggest and most exciting announcements is the new iMORE system that is available. iMORE (=Interactive MOnitoring and REgulation) is a technological advance that enables the iMRS 2000 to actually listen to your body using an advanced HRV (heart rate variability) biofeedback device that adjusts the systems intensity to maximize your health and benefits. (Puts the iMRS on autopilot)

Also, there is now a professional model that has a complete data bank of protocols programmed into the new iGuide SD card. The practitioner model also has the ability to program 1-60 minutes for applications. This unit is ONLY available for licensed health care practitioners.

Finally there is the new iSLRS (Sound and Light Relaxation System) which has now more advanced functions, two additional color options (green and blue) and a larger music data base with preprogrammed music. Also a CD player is no longer needed.

In conclusion, the iMRS is truly a breakthrough in innovation in the field of pulsed magnetic therapy and energy medicine with a lot of possibilities and flexibility to handle new programs and features with a simple little SD card.

In fact, the only difference between the new wellfit (home), complete (med set) and professional model is the SD card programs (and the absence of a probe with the wellfit).

The new iMRS is due to be released in February 2011, but you can buy the current MRS 2000 now and receive full credit for a  trade-in when the new system comes out.

To learn more about the new iMRS, become a member of our site. We will keep you updated on the announcements about the new iMRS intelligent wellness system.

MRS 2000 PEMF Therapy – Take “Charge” of Your Health

Wednesday, August 4th, 2010

MRS 2000 - Take Charge of Your HealthJust as a fish lives moves and has its being in water, we as humans live in a sea of pulsating magnetic fields here on planet earth. This pulsed electromagnetic field of the earth is the stimulus, the catalyst, the very spark of all biochemical reactions occurring in life forms. In this article the author will guide you in a brief discovery of why, as humans we need these pulsating magnetic fields not only to be healthy, but actually stay alive!

The first evidence of the extreme importance of these earth based pulsed electromagnetic fields (PEMFs) was discovered in the first space launch. The Russians won the space race and Yuri Gagarin and his historic launch into space lasted a mere 1 hour and 48 minutes as he circled the earth once and returned. Being without the earth’s pulsed magnetic fields for this short time, Yuri came back from space with depression, bone loss, muscle degeneration, decreased metabolism, and impaired perception (All from just 1 hour and 48 minutes).

Since this first flight, studies have been conducted on earth (called zero field studies) that indeed confirm the necessity of PEMF for life to exist. That is, pulsed electromagnetic fields are a required element of health, just like food, water and oxygen. In fact, you need these therapeutic magnetic fields even more than food and water.

Have you ever considered why it is that you never hear about heart cancer? There is a reason for this and it relates to the fact that the heart is the most electrical organ in your body with the heart cells having a voltage of up to 120 millivolts. So the myriads of cells in your body are like little batteries and the heart cells are the most energized of all.

Now, you cannot get the other cells in your body to 120 millivolts, BUT you can increase the voltage significantly (up to 70-90 millivolts).

So how do we increase the voltage or “Charge” on the cell (remember, voltage is just stored energy)? Well the answer is simple, by applying earth based pulsed electromagnetic frequencies!

The new science of PEMF therapy has developed with state of the art PEMF devices that have developed because of our lack of earth based magnetic resonance stimulation or PEMFs. We need these devices more than ever because our earth’s magnetic field is weakening, we spend too much time indoors and isolated from these fields and finally because we are bombarded with too much electro smog and electromagnetic pollution.

In the coming years, it is the opinion of this author that PEMF machines will be a common fixture to every household in the modern world due to the extreme necessity of this life giving element.

Please visit our mrs 2000 site for more information on the only PEMF Therapy Device based on the Earth’s frequencies called the mrs 2000.