Top 16 Reason iMRS (new MRS 2000) is the #1 PEMF

iMRS 2000 with HRV Biofeedback

iMRS 2000 with HRV Biofeedback

1) It replicates the natural magnetic field of the earth making it one of the most effective and tolerable systems out there.

2) The only system with copper coil technology ( three pairs of coils) respects how we would naturally walk on the earth and is the same technology that is trademarked by NASA for their device used for human stem cell growth. It is the closest to nature in frequency and intensity of all systems out there.

3) It has a pure magnetic field through the current loops (not wire mash as other systems

4) It uses a weak pulsating fields in the frequency range .5 – 25 Hz same as the earth frequencies

5) It has a bio-rhythm clock built in to automatically use the appropriate frequencies for the time of the day – no other systems have that option

6) It changes polarity automatically (from North to South pole every 2 minutes)

7) It has the only picotesla setting critical for people with sensitivities

8 ) It has a 3-year warranty with the option to buy extended warranty

9) It is simple and easy to use

10) It has a powerful probe applicator

11) It can be used with uni-polar pacemakers

12) Option for a number of important and valuable accessories such as: iGUIDE ( data base of preset time and intensities for over 300 conditions), iMORE ( Heart Rate Monitoring and Regulation system), iSLRS (brain entrainment system)

13) Option to include a travel applicator

14) Option to use with a lithium battery

15) Standard: built in music player for iSLRS

16) The only PEMF system in the world that is completely upgradeable using SD-cards


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