MRS 2000 FDA Registered

MRS 2000 Registered with the FDA

MRS 2000 Registered with the FDA

The MRS 2000 is now registered, compliant and listed with the Food and Drug Administration.

The MRS2000+ is one of ONLY two end user PEMF models registered with the FDA and the other device is $25,000!

None of our other competitors are registered with the FDA. For example two of our main competitors, the Bemer 3000 and QRS Quantron ARE NOT registered with the FDA.

This is very big news because it is not easy to be regulated and listed with the FDA. We had to rewrite all our manuals and make sure our machine was compliant with all the standards needed to be listed with the FDA as an energy medicine device.

Check Here to see our listing on FDA official website (or cut and paste the link below if you have any problems

MRS 2000 FDA

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