MRS 2000 Mat

I just wanted to go over a few details on the MRS 2000 Mat, Pillow Pad and Probe (all pictured below with the control unit and SLRS light and sound system which is optional).


Whole Body Mat

  • Sophisticated triple saw tooth wave pattern (.5 -25 Hz) with millions of pulsating frequencies
  • Saturates your body with the Earth’s natural magnetic resonating stimulation
  • Chinese organ clock with north/south polarity
  • Automatic timer for 8, 16 and 24 minutes
  • Gently helps to bring the body into homeostasis
  • Mat sessions are typically 8 minutes 2-3 times a day or up to 1 hour total a day
  • Light weight, portable and comfortable (with optional travel bag)
  • Short learning curve for easy home use

Probe and Pillow Pad

  • Square wave profile targets inflammation
  • Assists in the repair of fractures, sprains, injuries and infections
  • probe application great for dental, eyesight, hearing, tinnitus, migraines, reflexology, meridians, prostate, liver, kidneys and any issue or problem that is localized.
  • Pillow Pad application is good for respiratory, digestive, lymphatic, circulatory, spine health, shoulders, hips, knees ankles, cervical and much more…

MRS 2000 mat

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