MRS 2000 Sale – FREE Travel Mat While Supplies Last

MRS 2000 Travel Mat

Update: Travel Mat Special is Over… Call 1-800-900-5556 for Current Price

Released for the first time just a few weeks ago, the new MRS 2000 travel mat is available now in North America. The travel mat is a small 1 foot by 2 foot pad that uses the exact same signal as the full body mat (sawtooth), but is travel friendly. That is, it plugs into the control unit where the full body mat does, but it is much more portable.

Besides being smaller and much more travel friendly (it easily fits inside even small luggage for traveling); It is also very useful for using in chairs, couches, in the car because it fits easily behind your back and even on smaller chairs without the need to bend or fold it.

That is, because it is only 2 feet by 1 foot, you can place it along your back without the need to fold or bend it. The actual full body mat that comes with the MRS 2000+ Designo MED Set and HOME Set is about 6 feet by 2 feet and is really only practical for laying down.

And remember, the pillow pad that comes standard uses the square wave, not the sawtooth, so it is not the same signal. The new travel mat uses the same patented sawtooth used on the full body mat which includes the option for incorporating the biorhythm or organ clock.

So you can travel in your car with an optional car adaptor or travel light on any trips with just the computer, travel mat and probe (if needed for local application).

As an appreciation and incentive for a healthy summer we are offering a special campaign for you and all our customers, valid from July 14th 2010 until August 31st 2010:

For every order of either a MRS 2000+ designo Home or Med we will include a complete travel mat FREE of charge ( Normal Price on the Mat is $499)! This free travel mat is our way of thanking all of you for your  interest in the MRS 2000. It is our way to wish all of you the healthiest summer ever.

This FREE offer is a first-come-first-serve basis and  will be valid while supplies last. Hurry and get your orders into our offices as soon as possible, because once our supply is gone the sale will be over and the mats will sell for $499 in the future. This is a Limited Time Offer For The First 150 Orders In Canada And 350 Orders In The US

Just give us a call at 1-800-900-5556 and mention you want the Free MRS 2000 Travel Mat

NOTE: The Travel Mat can also be purchased as a regular item for a cost of $ 499.00 plus taxes.

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