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New Control Unit for the iMRS 2000

New Control Unit for the iMRS 2000

The new iMRS wellness system is a quantum leap and evolution in energy medicine, specifically pulsed electromagnetic field therapy (PEMF). It has all the strengths of the previous MRS 2000+ Designo system plus several new improvements. Perhaps the most exciting development is a new HRV biofeedback component that puts using the mat on autopilot.

New Look and Feel

The first obvious change is the look and feel of the control unit. It is now smaller, sleeker, digital, programmable, more intelligent and easier to use. Also the new full body mat is made of a more durable material, and is easier to fold and more portable. The new anodized steel probe is more durable and also now its 4 1/2 times stronger for pain relief and localized issues.

HRV Biofeedback

iMRS 2000 w/ HRV BIofeedback

iMRS 2000 w/ HRV BIofeedback

The new iMORE heart rate variability biofeedback component makes using the new iMRS wellness system easier then ever. The unit will automatically adjust the intensity based on what your body needs. You will also get a readout of the entire session so as to see the settings that were used.

Light and Sound – New iSLRS

The new light and sound system has three colors, green, red and blue, a new library of music selections and it is fully integrated with the frequencies in the mat. This makes the new iSLRS the world’s only light and sound system that is synchronized and linked to PEMF therapy!

New iGuide

The new iGuide is available on the Professional model and includes a database of 250+ conditions and over 3000 settings. It also has a 1-60 minute setting option.

The Best is Now Even Better

The new iMRS 2000 Wellness System still has the earth based frequencies, biorhythm clock and NASA squarewave and ALL the features of the older MRS 2000+ Designo models. But now it has a lot more with its new look, digital platform, programmability, better materials, stronger probe, new HRV biofeedback, new light and sound iSLRS, new iGUIDE for professionals, 1-60 minute setting option + more.

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