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MRS 2000 for Sale – Used MRS 2000 Warning

Tuesday, August 3rd, 2010

MRS 2000 For Sale – Used MRS 2000 – 4 Tips That Could Save You From Getting Scammed

Used MRS 2000 Warning

Used MRS 2000 Warning

1) Only purchase MRS 2000 Designo machines from Certified MRS 2000 Representatives. We at are certified and trained Health Technicians and are authorized by the manufacturer to sell, train and support people in using the MRS 2000. Beware of a competitor site¬†that CLAIMS to buy and sell used MRS 2000 machines. Don’t be scammed, they are not authorized to sell MRS 2000 machines and any machines bought from them are not under warranty and will not be serviced. So BUYER BEWARE.

2) Only purchase Brand New MRS 2000 Units. Used MRS 2000 machines are NOT under warranty; so don’t take your chances. If you buy a used machine and something goes wrong, you are OUT $2850 or whatever the cost of the used unit is. Buying a new machine guarantees that you are protected for 3 YEARS with an unconditional warranty from the Manufacturer. If ANYTHING happens or goes wrong, we will fix or replace your machine at no cost to you for up to 3 YEARS. And we will service your machine after 3 years for a fair price.

Used MRS 2000 machines sold from these scam websites are not under warranty and will not be serviced, so buyer beware. Also beware of anyone selling a MRS 2000 on ebay or craigslist. These are not under warranty either.

With rentals and financing now available (call us at 1-800-900-5556 to learn more) it is easy to own a brand new MRS 2000.

3) Make sure you buy from a representative that can provide dedicated personal training. We at do this full time and offer some of the best support available in the industry. Once you order, rent or finance we follow up with a detailed training guide, and a personalized coaching session so that you will get exact protocols for your specific needs. And we offer free and unlimited support after that. The MRS 2000 is very easy to use, but we have discovered with working over 1000 people now, additional tips and advice that further enhance your results and with our experience we will make sure you get the results you are looking for.

4) Understand that the MRS 2000 Price is the same no matter who you purchase from, so the key is finding someone who will give you great training and support. The MRS 2000 price of [Call for pricing] for a Home set and [Call for pricing] is fixed by the manufacturer, so please understand if anyone is selling for less, it’s either a used machine or a they are not being truthful on the pricing. is a certified North American representative of the MRS 2000+ Designo selling ONLY the newest models in BRAND NEW condition (shipped from the factory) and providing some of the best support the company has to offer.

We provide detailed training and protocols found nowhere else and we have a very long list of satisfied customers.

We offer rentals anywhere in the U.S. and Canada and also financing (call us for details).

We are always here to assist you so please call us anytime at 1-800-900-5556

MRS 2000 for Sale