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The MRS 2000+ designo® pulsating electromagnetic field (PEMF) is not a constant energy flow but instead has frequencies that differ regularly from time to time so that they flow in a wavelike form, specifically, sawtooth-shaped waves impulse which varies from strong to weak. Every two minutes while lying on the MRS 2000+ whole body mat, the direction of the saw tooth magnetic field changes. This change of direction stops the body’s natural frequencies from becoming accustomed to the external stimulation and enhances the level of stimulation. The effective electromagnetic field extends for a distance of about 1/2 meter in all directions from the mat penetrating the body completely.

Saw-tooth impulse is able to create additional waves

One of the lesser known – and most effective – uses of pulse magnetic fields is working with acupressure points. Each of the meridian points correspond to related regions, organs, and systems of the body, connected through structures of nerves. Applying a therapeutic magnetic field (using the MRS probe) to meridian points causes a natural bioenergetic balancing and faster healing effects to occur.


MRS 2000+ designo® provides a north and south polarity which changes every two minutes during a session. North and South Poles have opposite spin directions and different healing effects. North, the negative pole, stabilizes biological activity, calms and sedates, and reduces pain, infection and inflammation.

CERTIFIED MEDICONSULT HEALTH TECHNICIANS are available for customer support. There is a THREE YEAR WARRANTY on MRS 2000+ Home and Med units.

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MRS 2000+ MED Version

  • Med Unit includes: (1) the Controller (2) Probe (3) Whole Body Mat (4) Applicator pad
  • Chip card
  • Offers a higher intensity (sensitive up to 400)
  • Optional Accessories: Sound & Light Relax System
  • 3 year Warranty

The MRS can be ordered direct from the manufacturers in Canada and shipped to your home. Of course, when you order your MRS 2000+ you’ll get the benefit of all 3 modes of application: the full body mat, the localization pad and the probe for small areas like sinuses, elbows, wrists, ankles, fingers and jaw joints. And you’ll be provided with an introductory guide of basic information to get you started. When you need support, you simply contact your CERTIFIED MEDICONSULT HEALTH TECHNICIAN for the answer. Your ownership of your own MRS 2000 is an investment in your health, vitality and your life! It’s NEW SOFTWARE FOR YOUR CELLS!


Simple and Effective Available For Home Use Without Much Time Expenditure

Both the Home and Med units come with a mattress for full body use and the pad for local application for arms, legs, back, etc, and can be used for the whole body during travel. The use of the full-body mat allows for maximum frequency, while harmonizing with the different time zones of each day (the Chinese organ clock divides the day in four time zones – mornings, midday, evening). MRS 2000+ is designed to switch off automatically at the end of the application. Organs and hormonal glands should not be activated with the same intensity at all times of the day. The cell groups and organs of the body behave like side-by-side “tuning forks”: If their own frequency is reached during application, their vibrations are intensified and their energy potential is increased accordingly. The MRS 2000+ Whole Body Mat containing three pairs of coils, which are placed on a level with the lower limbs, the lumbosacral region and the scapular region for application of the entire body. Another accessory consists of a Local Applicator Pad containing two coils for local application.

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