Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the MRS 2000+ Designo (also known as the MRS 2000)?

The MRS 2000+ Designo (MRS stands for magnetic resonance stimulation) is a pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) device that is inspired by Nature in its frequencies, intensities and biorhythm clock. The MRS 2000 is the worldwide leader in PEMF machines.

In only 8 minutes twice a day your body and cells can be charged and energized, making the MRS 2000 the ultimate wellness tool.

NASA and the Russian Space program, along with zero field studies have proven that pulsed electromagnetic fields are no only healthy, but they are vital for survival. In fact PEMF is just as important as food, water and sleep.

Because of our modern lifestyle, we no longer get optimal exposure to the Earth’s natural magnetic field. Also, in the past 500 years, the earth’s magnetic field has declined by over 50% and is only getting worse. Finally, we are bombarded with unhealthy electro-smog and EMF pollution (cell phones, alarm clocks, computers, microwaves, televisions, etc) which further decrease our energy.

“The MRS 2000 is the ultimate solution to these modern problems providing us with healthy earth-based magnetic energy and giving us several hours of EMF protection.”

2. What is the Difference between the MRS 2000 Home Set and the Med Set?

Both the Home Set and the Med Set come standard with the control unit, full body mat, small pillow pad and adapters for any country. The Med Set additionally has the probe and one higher intensity.

3. If I get a Home Set, can I purchase the probe later?

No, the Home unit uses a different Mother Board and does not have a place for the probe to plug in.

4. What is the SLRS and can it be used with both the Home and Med Set?

SLRS stands for Sound and Light Relaxation System and it is an advanced technology for inducing the alpha and theta brains waves (deep relaxation). It uses LED lights and specific sound beats to harmonize and synchronize both hemispheres of the brain which promotes not only relaxation but also may help with better sleep, creativity and stress reduction.

5. Why do you charge tax?

Because of our distributor program, by law have to charge tax.

6. What is the price of the MRS 2000?

Please call us for pricing. (1-800-900-5556)

7. Is financing available?

Yes, please call for details.

8. How is it shipped and how long does it take to ship?

It is shipped by UPS ground and can take anywhere from 3 to 10 days depending on location.

9. What’s the Warranty and what do I do if something goes wrong?

The MRS 2000 has a industry leading Standard 3 year “iron-clad” warranty. If anything happens within 3 years we’ll fix or replace it at no charge to you.

10. Can you ship to Canada, Europe or Australia?


11. Will this work in other countries with different power supplies?

Yes, the MRS 2000 comes standard with adapters that will work in any country.

12. Is the MRS 2000 FDA approved?

No, but we are FDA compliant and several European and U.S. quality standards.

13. Where is the MRS 2000 Made?

The MRS 2000 is made in Germany with the highest standards and precision.

14. Are there any side effects from using the MRS 2000?

Typically not, but sometimes a “healing crisis” can occur as the body tries to repair and cleanse itself. This is actually a good sign that your body’s repair mechanisms are working. We recommend using lower intensities to minimize or eliminate this detox.

15. Is the MRS 2000 a new start-up company?

No, the MRS 2000 has well over 15 years of research and experience in pulsed magnetic application.

16. Is the MRS 2000 easy to use?

Yes, it’s extremely easy to use. Simply turn the machine on, set the time and intensity and lay down and relax. It’s really that easy.

17. This website is great, but where can I go to learn more about the MRS 2000?

Become a member of the MRS 2000 by clicking here.

18. Do you have an information packet you can send me?

No, but you can become a member and gain access to our information-rich members area by clicking here.

19. Where can I find research done with the MRS 2000?

Become a member of the MRS 2000 by clicking here.

20. How long does a session take?

The length of a session is typically 8 minutes performed twice a day. It you have a localized challenge, you can add the pillow pad and probe application as needed.

21. How long does it take before I will begin experiencing the benefits?

As our clients differ, so do the results. We cannot give exact numbers as it will depend on your body type, and the problems that you are experiencing. It’s important that you are realistic about the time it will take.

22. How often do you use it?

The general recommendation is twice a day for 8 minutes.

23. Do you have Customer Reviews of the MRS 2000?

Yes, Become a member of the MRS 2000 by clicking here.
We have over 80 powerful customer reviews.

24. What kind of followup support is there after I buy?

We provide unlimited support and followup. We want to make sure you get excellent results using this amazing technology. There is no extra cost for this unlimited expert support.

25. How is this different from static magnets?

Static magnets only help with localized pain and circulation. They are very limited because there is no frequency, only a constant field strength with no spectrum of frequencies, no dynamic waveform and no polarity reversal. When you take the magnet off, it stops working.

Also the body can become acclimated to static fields over time which makes them less and less effective.

In addition, static magnets cannot create any electrical induction at all without being mechanically moved the whole time!

26. I am interested in selling the MRS 2000, how can I go about this?

Please call us for details. (1-800-900-5556)

27. Is the MRS 2000 a MLM or a pyramid?

No, we have a system called loyalty marketing which is a very rewarding and intelligent marketing structure. Unlike MLM, there is no autoship and you can make a great profit even on the initial sales. We focus on the product and allow business savvy people to come to us. We are all about the product and helping others, not pitching a get rich scheme.

28. Why is the MRS 2000 the Best Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field (PEMF) device?

Hopefully if you’ve read this site carefully, you already know 😉

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