iMRS – Intelligent Magnetic Resonance Stimulation

iMRS – NEW MRS 2000

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iMRS = Intelligent Magnetic Resonance Stimulation

The iMRS contains the same technology (saw-­tooth, square wave and copper coils) as the MRS 2000 (which is and remains still available as home or med for purchase). This technology has proven to be very successful and effective over many years.


What is new on the iMRS: There is only one basic control unit using a SD Card System to build 3 different models with various and additional options:

Be sure to see our new website and request a free brochure on the new iMRS Intelligent Wellness System

iMRS control units have the following standard features

45% smaller and more compact than the MRS 2000 control units

Brand new and very unique “Natural Skin Surface”

Blue/White backlit digital display

Serial number of your unit displays on the screen

Easy touch membrane keyboard

Advanced SD Card System for easy upgrades such as iSLRS, iMORE and iGUIDE

Automatic build in organ clock -­ you will never have to set the time of the day

Build In clock remains intact for up to 3 months even when your unit is turned off (without a battery support)

Automatic organ clock can be overridden if needed

Applicators (mat, pad and probe) can be plugged in arbitrarily and the control unit will detect the applicators automatically

Programs are currently in 3 languages: English, German and French

P1-­P3 programs allow 3 different users to pre-­program their settings for pillow, probe or mat over all organ clock variants

Upgrades are now possible for any iMRS control unit.

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The iMRS concept first developed about 16 years ago and has now given rise to 4 different and progressively advanced been through 4 versions now.

We have 1 million applications per day, which is more than any other pulsed magnetic therapy device.

The most sold PEMF-device in the world – MRS 2000+ designo.

The iMRS is the “Apple” or “iPhone” of PEMF

The iMRS is the

The iMRS is the “Apple” or “iPhone” of PEMF Therapy leading the industry in innovation, technology research, support and results. iMRS stands for Intelligent Magnetic Resonance Stimulation. The intelligent iMRS is the ONLY Earth based PEMF System available today using exclusively earth based frequencies and intensities. This frequency range (roughly 0-30Hz) has been proven to be the ideal frequencies that the cells can absorb, utilize and convert into energy.

Adey and Bawin and later Sisken Walker showed that the cells have specific frequency windows with this range.

What is interesting and revealing is the our brains, cells and body circadian rhythms also operate in this frequency range.

And finally, based on studies done by Zimmerman (and later verified by Seto in Japan), we as human beings emit these frequencies Using what is called SQUID – Superconducting Quantum Interference Devices, the magnetic field of the human body can be accurately measured.

And it is common knowledge that with brain-state research that brain operates roughly in this 0-30 Hz range. The brain states range from about .5 Hz (low delta) to 30 Hz (High Beta). Just a brief overview of the 4 main brain states is as follows:

Delta (.5-3 Hz) – This is the state of deep dreamless sleep that is needed for the body to rest, regenerate and recover. Also the body produces HGH in delta sleep and other youth promoting hormones.

Theta (3-7.5 Hz) – This is the state of deep relaxation just before you are drifting off to sleep. It is also associated with deep relaxation, meditation and creativity.

Alpha (7.5-12 Hz) – Alpha is the commonly acknowledged relaxed state of mind. It is associated with relaxation, a pleasant mood, and overall stress free state of mind.

Beta (12 Hz – 30 Hz) – This is normal waking and active consciousness where are minds are busy and working. High Beta can result from stress or an overactive and worrying mind. While this state is good for working and getting this done, most people spend too much time in Beta and do not get enough relaxation.


The iMRS concept has as an option a light and sound machine that can further relax the brain, body and mind used led’s and binaural beats at specific frequencies in tune with the energies in the mat.

It is interesting to note that the Schumann Resonance Frequency (primary frequency of the Earth) is right between Theta and Alpha. So if we are connected to the earth’s frequencies, we should be relaxed and happy.


The problem of today is that we spend too much time indoors and disconnected from the earth and also we are exposed continuously to unhealthy higher frequencies and EMF pollution from cell phones, computers, microwaves, televisions, etc.

Back to the iMRS concept – The MRS 2000 has a built-in biorhythm clock that will give you the proper frequency for the time of day. It is the ONLY PEMF system that has this feature.

Finally the idea of iMRS which is inspired by Nature and backed by science, does include features and benefits proven by science and research to be effective.



For example the MRS 2000 is the ONLY PEMF device that uses the NASA proven square wave on its applicators.


NASA’s 4-year study proved that the square wave PEMF signal was the most powerful for healing, repair and regeneration. It also is extremely effective for breaking up cycles of pain and promoting pain relief very quickly. There are many other features that make the MRS 2000 the leader in energy medicine and electromagnetic therapy, but key overall theme is intelligence. The iMRS concept will strive to always remain far ahead of the competition