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.5 – 25 Hz
3 – 1000 Hz
33 Hz

0 – 70uT
4 – 40uT
3.5- 35uT

Starts at:
Starts at:
Starts at:

Basic Units Includes
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Accesories (Main)
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Established Company

Quality Standards Certifications

Product Made with High Quality

Earth Based Intensities

Automatic Shut-off

Sawtooth Waveform

Switches Polarity

Biorhythm Clock*

Pure Magnetic Field**

Square Wave On Applicators***

Earth Based Frequencies Only

Chemically Sensitive O.K. (picotesia setting)

Light And Sound Available

Accessories can all Remain Plugged in

Textbook Available

Training Across Country

Business Oppotunity

Dedicated Support Specialist

3 Year Warranty

Documented use with Horses / Animals

Positive Customer Feedback****


1. The MRS 2000 Basic Home Set Comes with a Control Unit, Full Body Mat, Local Applicator Pillow Pad and power adaptors for every country. The QRS basic unit also comes standard with a control unit, full body mat, and applicator pad. The Bemer 3000 comes standard with the control unit, full body mat, applicator box, travel bag and towel.

2. Accessories for the MRS 2000 include a applicator probe (MED Set Only), higher intensity, 350 page comprehensive textbook with detailed protocols, car adaptor, travel bag, SLRS light and sound relaxation system and DVD set. The QRS has available a applicator pen and travel bag. Bemer 3000 has available extra a applicator pad, and MFA applicator.

*Biorhythm Clock by definition ONLY includes Earth-Based and Brain Wave frequencies exclusively. The competition may CLAIM to have a biorhythm clock, but don’t be fooled. The MRS 2000 is the only device with a Biorhythm Clock that uses exclusively Earth-based frequencies.

**Pure Magnetic Field – The Competition uses a wire mesh technology that does not produce the same pure magnetic field that a current loop of conducting wire does. Of the three devices reviewed, the MRS 2000 is the only device using a conducting loop needed for a pure magnetic field (through the middle of the loop).

***Square Wave on Applicators – Only the MRS 2000 Uses a square wave on the applicators (both pad and probe). While the sawtooth works best on the full body mat for recharging the cells with a full spectrum of frequencies, the square wave is ideal for local application for breaking up cycles of pain and also for healing and regeneration.

****Positive Customer Feedback. The MRS 2000 gets an extra large check with far more positive feedback, case studies and testimonials. Become a member and see our collection of 100+ verifiable testimonials and case studies.

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